Android N to help people with eye problems see better with Screen-Zoom

Technology should be for all. No prejudice! How about an iPhone 6S for a blind person, how about a good set of Apple beat headphone for a deaf dude? Man would have stitched the patches global wars had torn from its regalia as king of creation; if we can get all humans regardless of disability a spoonful of tasty technology.

Sight is no hindrance

This is what Google is striving for in its latest Android N. This latest Android operating system is deliciously sprinkled with some features of Android N. These very features are things that most people won’t ever use — new accessibility options. These people are those category of persons with no sight and vision difficulties,hence might even take them for granted.

Yet the sad reality of life is that a good number of plenty of folks out there would love to get assistance as to having a better view of what is on on these tiny screens. There are those still that will not be able to use a smartphone the normal way you and I do.

Thus this insightful feature Screen Zoom is Google personal assistant to this. Now the
Screen Zoom can be said to have the largest user-facing feature. It is admittedly an exciting means to combat the headache of not being able to properly see the images and tiny words on your phone. So instead of just displaying larger text and images, Screen Zoom actually makes changes to the display density so as to increase the size or reduce even drastically all that is on the screen. Sure all here denotes everything — this including your on-screen navigation buttons and status bar; as both could change with the Screen Zoom tool.

So we see that Screen Zoom’s essence is making everything smaller. This also includes showing more on the screen. The maximum zoom enables elements to increase to the same size as they should have bee on a 320dp screen (which if we measure it is precisely that very size of the Nexus 4) . Just one task of developers is to ensure their app layout gives the users the ability to see as well as use adequately, as well as making sure they employ density-independent pixel units for the purpose of sizing UI elements. A larger fraction of the apps you use frequently say on a daily basis are well compatible.


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