iOS Soon To Rock Twitter’s Night Mode

You will agree with me that Android and iOS users are face-me-I-face-you neighbors. Getting to share facilities and apps from developers. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, thus if an app can paddle it ways into the shores of the heart of android users, it is sure to be extended to its iOS neighbors.

iOS Soon To Rock Twitter's Night Mode

Well, if you remember very well, sometime just of late we reported here that Twitter’s Android app had added on a juicy feature of Night Mode feature. At that very interval, we were not aware of much as to if the micro-blogging service’s iOS app would be getting the extension immediately. But then it is officially evident now that this feature would soon be rolled out to iOS as a component of its most recent beta build for the platform.

So in the case where you are a Twitter beta user on iOS, this means you will soon be gaining the ability to enjoy the feature by moving to the app’s settings menu. There, it is available as a fresh toggle option.

Although for now,we can’t certainly say when the feature will be publicly launched. But then so far the feature has already gotten itself on the latest beta. This means it should happening very much sooner than later.

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