Tutorial: How Can I Embed Facebook Message Buttons In My Website

It is very possible to embed the Facebook Messenger button in your website. The function this gives you is the ability to receive messages from anyone having a Facebook account. In this mode, persons can now message your your personal profile or Facebook page .

Tutorial: How Can I Embed Facebook Message Buttons In My Website

Alright. You will agree with me that email has for some time being the traditional means of contacting out people on the Internet. It is customary for websites to put their email addresses on web pages. So that they become clickable hyperlinks making use of the mailto protocol. Of course there has been changes, we can’t yet forsake the relevance of email. Though in the modern day, we are almost more convenient with instant texting apps in the likes of Facebook Messenger; preferring it to email. Even now some see composing an email as carrying the same boredom as writing a résumé.

In this tutorial, we present procedures explaining a technique you can employ so a to conveniently embed the Facebook Messenger button in your website. When you do this, the individual clicking on the Message Me button will automatically launch the Facebook Messenger app on their mobile phone or the messenger.com website. This is in the condition that they are on the desktop. Also, you have the option of receiving messages in your Facebook page or your Facebook profile, in case you possess one.

We Will Be Using The Simple Facebook Messenger Link

By default, the Facebook Messenger button is rendered making use of JavaScript. Yet it is possible to write them straight in HTML without demanding JavaScript. The good thing about this is that these very buttons would show up despite the user having enabled ad blockers and additionally, it is possible to embed message links inside email newsletters.

Tutorial: How Can I Embed Facebook Message Buttons In My Website

The very operation you need to carry out is replacing “XYZ” in the snippet below with your Facebook vanity username. So in the case where you are not in ownership of a username, you have the alternative of using your numerical Facebook profile ID. You could customize the link with CSS to look like a button as seen below.

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One relevant addition I will like to make here is that should you not be seeing messages sent to your Facebook profile, it is majorly traced to the fact that Facebook hides rather automatically people which you are not in your friends list/contacts.

Proceed to facebook.com/messages, when you arrive there tap on the “More” dropdown and select “Filtered” . This will display all messages which were not in your main inbox.

Now that is the end of this guide, and I hope it was useful.

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