Google Photos Brings Unlimited Photo Storage to Mobile, Web

Google has a new, free app for your photos and it’s called —- Photos.


At Google’s I/O developers conference, the company released its Photos app for iOS, Android and the Web. The app, just like Apple’s recently launched Photos App, aims to home all your photos and videos, helps you organize and bring your moments to life, and lets you share and save what matters.

Google Photos is free and, again, offers unlimited photo and video storage at resolutions of up to 16 megapixels and 1080p respectively.

What if a photo is more than 16 megapixels? If photos are over 16 megapixels, they will be stored in a compressed format. You can also store full 1080p videos for free, though anything 4K would be downsized.

Is there any solution to uploading the original photos/videos? Yeah! You can certainly upload original resolution photos and videos too, but they’ll count against your Google Drive storage limits. Google however provides 15GB for free, after using the free Google Drive storage limit, you can then consider to upgrade in order to maintain the exact original quality of your photos and videos. Google cloud storage pricing is better than Apple’s: $10 per month gets you 1TB from Google, but only 500GB from Apple.



This new app replaces Google Plus Photos, but retains a few of its tricks. The service automatically turns clusters of similar photos into an animated GIF. It can also turn them into a collage or short highlights video. You can make your own by hand as well. There are new private sharing options, including a feature that lets you upload selected photos to a private site with a shareable link.

Google Photos is capable of recognizing faces, grouping photos by who is in them, and sort them based on when they were taken. All these are done automatically. Searching the content in your photos has become easier with Google Photos. In other words, you can search for “cat” and Google Photos will display all of your pictures that have cats in them.

The presentation tools within the app also stand out. You can either select a “Comfortable view,” which is essentially large images in a vertical scroll, or a view of tinier thumbnails in daily or monthly layouts. You can toggle between those views with a drop-down menu, but pinching to zoom switches between the three views more fluidly. (It’s also more fun that way.)If you want to give Google Photos a whirl, it’s available now on Android, iOS and the web. With this launch Google have made a lot of progress towards eliminating many of the frustrations involved in storing, editing and sharing your memories.

Source: Google Blog.

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