ReVault: Smartwatch and Wireless Data Storage in One

 Swedish inventor Elia Morling created a project called  ReVault device. This device is capable to auto-backup your files on-the-go and access them securely without wifi, at high speed, at zero cost.


ReVault is a new type of wearable that gives you the convenience of a smartwatch and the security of local storage — all-in-one.  Store your files locally on ReVault and always access them at the speed of a local network. ReVault connects to your devices using WiFi and Bluetooth. You can setup your ReVault to auto-backup and auto-synchronize your files across your devices.

 With ReVault you get everything you would expect from a smartwatch, such as notifications, custom watch faces and native apps. On top of that you can wear the device in different ways, such as a clock, as a pendant around the neck as a pendant or a pocket.


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Only trusted devices can connect to ReVault. The data stored on ReVault is encrypted using AES-256. On top of that you can also choose to password protect your app using single, or 2-factor authentication.

ReVault has been designed with the intent to be extremely strong and durable. The case is stainless steel and water resistant. The display is in color, and protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The battery lasts for around 3 days with regular usage. ReVault is charged using a standard Qi Wireless Charger (sold separately, if you don’t already own one). Charging a ReVault to 80% battery life takes 1 hour, and 100% takes 1.5 hours.


The device is designed for simple setup and use. All the while making it possible to configure for power users. ReVault app runs on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

ReVault comes in the sizes of 32GB and 128GB. 32GB version priced at $ 200 and the 128GB capacity model will cost about $ 300. Now, the company has a campaign on Indiegogo to raise fund, with deliveries expected to begin in January 2016.

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