Google is banning Flash from its display ads, but will keep allowing its use for video ads

It seems to be all about Google at the moment.

It is becoming a general disinterest as even Even Adobe appears to be bored to tears with Flash — the software’s creator has began a call-to-action campaign encouraging people to stop using flash in preference of HTML5 — but the player is yet rampant in web ads all about the internet. The goodnews however is, that may soon be about to draw to an end.

Could Google be divorcing flash?

Could Google be divorcing flash?

Google has released announcements that beginning June 30th this year, its popularly used AdWords as well as DoubleClick advertising services will cease employing the service of ads built in Flash, thus impelling users to code their display ads in HTML5 rather. Beginning from January 2nd next year, Flash ads would no longer run at all on DoubleClick as well as the
Google Display Network.

Google has gradually tilted favour in direction of HTML5 in the years past , even making adoption of the format as YouTube default, as well as introducing added convenience for ad creators to switch their campaigns to the newer format from Flash.

Adobe’s error-prone player accounted for less than seven percent of mobile and web video last year. This marks a decline from 21 percent in 2014, but the frequent role it plays in ad campaigns has maintained it in circulation quite at an extended period than expected.

Yet with the new culture of the internet’s most relevant and largest ad networks parting ways with the format, they possibly could realize success in exorcising the player from browsers in say two years, but then the software still has a strong point — Google further reveals that Flash video ads aren’t included in the cut “at this time.”

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