Instagram now shows how many times your videos have been viewed:A crucial metric for Instagram’s most popular creators

In close similarity to Facebook, it will now be possible to see the number of times an Instagram video has been viewed by the app’s users (which numbers into 400 million-plus users),

Instagram now shows how many times your videos have been viewed
A crucial metric for Instagram’s most popular creators

At the moment, the company has started rolling out view counts, which from the design could appear below video posts occupying that very region previously dedicated to showing likes. It emerged the social media outfit is shifting focus to views owing to the fact that “it’s the best way to show how the community is engaging with video.” Going by the company’s blog post, the number of time people who possibly expend time in course of watching videos on Instagram has climbed up drastically 40 percent. “We are seeing wildly creative and engaging first-person narratives come to life on Instagram.”

Well practically, video views will not really bring something entirely new to the table for everyday Instagram users like you and I. Yet pertaining the app’s most famous creators, I suppose it will be a decisive parameter to possibly estimate how well their content is doing on Instagram in comparison to say YouTube or Vine.

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It will also be a feature of marked interest to advertisers. The way it works is Instagram registers a view for every time any video has been watched for say a minimum of 3 seconds — quite related to Facebook’s approach.
As of now, the company will start testing view counts with some users after which we expect them to entirely roll out the feature to everyone over the coming weeks.

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