Twitter To Begin Video Ad Spot On Top Of Timeline

Twitter has initiated the introduction of a new video ad unit with the name First View. This commercial outfit allows marketers to well reserved access in the top spot in users’ timelines for the span of a day.

Twitter to begin Video Ad Spot On Top Of Timeline

Twitter Starts to begin Video Ad Spot On Top Of Timeline

Among the first breed of advertisers jumping on this feature is 20th Century Fox, with domestic theater marketing president Marc Weinstock lavishing commendations on First View; addressing it as a wonderful means to show off the trailer for “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”. “We are able to hit a broad movie-going audience with great video in a way that not just garners views, but actually creates social momentum,” he said.

From the look of things, the new ad unit will go on sale for a premium, and it is only fair opinion to view this as a move by Twitter to rack up revenue per user. This could turn out to be very decisive as Twitter is preparing to deliver earnings report on Wednesday.

It is large on expectations that the company will still report hindered and struggling growth data even in face of new product initiatives launched in the market in recent months. Any signal showing that monetization of existing users is on the rise may contribute a nice quota to appeasing investors a measurable length.

Yet, we can’t be certain this early, the manner users will react to the new ad unit. Twitter already experienced a disfiguring backlash this past weekend after reports had climbed into public attention that the company was nursing plans to roll out a timeline curated by algorithms soon.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at once released a response to the reports in a series of tweets, brushing of some claims and urging users to calm that they would always have no hinder accessibility to the unfiltered timeline.

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