‘Inbox’: Google Added a New Dimension to Handling Emails

Google’s recent emailing app ‘inbox’ seems to be another of the fine species in the ecosystem of electronic mails. This app with its Facebook-Like display was released on last week highlights details of messages, though it must be echoed that this app is not intended as a replacement for Gmail. Below is a simple screenshot of the display of the app:

google gmail

Obviously from the picture you can see some features of ‘inbox’. The app actually makes emails easy and fun in that it gives you a good introduction to the relevant contents of the email without you even clicking it. It brings out information like phone numbers, addresses, flight time, business hour, and even photos contained in the email.

You could also have ‘Inbox’ help you streamline the messages depending on your interest. You might be too busy that you forget you have not read some messages, but there is absolutely nothing to fear about that; the app comes with a snooze button that helps as a reminder of email messages reserved to be read some other time.

For now, the app is only available to only a few persons, hopefully to expand using the invite system. It works for iPhone, Android, and even Google Chrome; to get it you can send an email to inbox@google.com to request access from Google.

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