When Entrepreneurs Scream ‘This is It!’-The Aha Moments

‘Clueless’, Yes that’s the word that rightly describes those times when Entrepreneurs contemplate what should and shouldn’t be done for success to end the equation of an enterprise. There is this small smile that drop off ones cheeks when he finally understands the underlying dynamics, when he gets to find out how to unknot a complex idea, a moment of deep insight after some painful luxury of grief, Some say it’s the ‘Eureka effect’ adapted from Archimede’s exclamation when he finally found how he could tell the volume of a unusually shaped mass of gold, a problem presented him by the king of Syracuse about 2200 years ago to check if the goldsmith actually cheated him. Eureka means “I found it.”

It’s that moment when all haziness becomes clear like crystal.


The Pre-Aha Moment

Existence is a bipolar continuum-Before and After. Like Albert Einstein would say, it is relative! Relative to what? Actually relative to that moment when one finally screams ‘Aha’! What was before then? And how does it feel after then? That singular sum of milliseconds that has the potential to change lives. That one idea that controls one’s life.

Below are some famous lips that had shouted “Aha!” Though it took the sacrifices of time for them to finally arrive that instant.

What pitches our “Aha”?

What’s that which makes us appreciate the idea we found after so much struggle?

Limited resources. Ikea founder could not fit a table in his small car, so he thought to take off the legs.

The Inconvenience. GoPro founder who struggled to take a picture of himself while surfing.

The Grief. Samuel Morse received a letter about his wife’s illness after she was already buried. Letters took a long time back then. He raced to see her, but it was too late. Grief-stricken, he decided to forever change how people talk to each other and invented the telegraph.

One thing is sure. That is that the “Aha” moment comes not in an interval of ages. It comes when it is deserved at any age—twenties, forties, sixties, or probably when you are approaching a thousand.

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