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I know a fellow that had to lie about his personal data on Facebook because he wanted to seem anonymous to some friends of his, he did not want to disclose everything about him and even had to lie about some others. Facebook has finally made an improvement to the privacy status issue, now all your information would not have to be on the display – It’s the new Facebook app called “Rooms” where you would not even have to introduce yourself if you like.

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The app is just a virtual meeting place that you create based your topic of interest like ‘Swedish Pie’. You do not have to use your real name if you choose, you could just adopt a nickname (maybe ‘fairtooth’) if you like, by this name the app automatically refers to you whenever you enter the room.

Rooms keep you completely anonymous that it does not even load your contacts or your identity, not even ‘Facebook sign in’.

Rooms users can customize their wallpaper much like Yahoo Mail. It has a set-up of rooms feed. The beauty of Rooms is the constantly flowing pictures, videos, and texts you can scroll through. You also get to choose a personal icon and phrase to represent your version of a “like.”

The picture below represent an illustration of the unique ‘like’ icon.

An invite to a room

An invite to a room

The app which is currently free for only iOS devices allows users the choice of making their rooms public or by-invitation-only. Invites come in the unusual form of QR code on a colored background that can be shared via email, text message, over social media or printed out on a sheet of paper.

An invitee must first take a screenshot of an invite on his phone or snap a photo of it on his phone for him to be granted access into a room.

According to Rooms blog, Facebook is “working closely with a small set of community builders,” to create the first round of rooms. This is not actually a growth in which rapidness is anticipated even as invitations would be made a necessity for users.

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