Google Hangouts gives birth to two kids: Meet and Chat

Google is splitting its Hangout messaging platform into two service apps, targeted at business users.

This move comes as Google targets business users in a bid to provide alternative apps with which you can repeat the functions of something like Slack. The two services emanating from Google Hangout is Chat , and secondly Meet. The two apps have the extra edge of the capacity to plug in into other Google G Suite services.

Now looking at the two preceding apps. Hangouts Meet is now designed to attend to video conferencing service. With the services of Meet at hand, businesses will be now be easily able to transact full screen video calls between employees irrespective of where these employees are located across the globe. When using Meeting, you will be able to bring in a maximum of 30 people in to one video call. This is pretty exciting. There is not a need of account, the meeting (or video call call per say) begins with a shared link. Fellow partakers in the call don’t really have to download anything. And they could readily access the link with their iPhone or android phone- or even from the website.

The other child of Hangout is called Chat. If you have been familiar with Slack, well Chat is an equally comprehensive alternative. With Chat you can have many parties working in several allotted rooms with the capacity to share files as well among themselves. With these new Hangout offspring, you can bring in other tasty services from the encompassing G Suite.
You know competition is good business. Enjoy!!

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