Can you believe Apple accounted for 79.2% of global smartphone profits last year

If phone brands have presidency tenures, then we could rightly say the incumbent president brand of the smartphone industry is the iPhone. Sometime ago it was wobbled between Nokia and Blackberry. Apple has been continuously making waves with the iPhone 7 particularly stretching our ailing anxiety until the release of the phone. The iPhone is not only leading in smartphone popularity, it is also leading vehemently in profits.

Yes, Apple made a heck of profits last year from its smartphone business. While we will agree that a handsome number of smartphones emerged last year. Apple greedily accounted for an intimidating percentage of the gains recorded by manufacturers in the smartphone industry. Of the $53.7 billion, the global smartphone industry generated last year, can you believe only Apple walloped $44.9 billion out of the stated amount? This translated into the stunning feat that Apple drank in 79.2% of the whole profits made by the smartphone industry globally in 2016!

Apple upped its smartphone game notably last year with the introduction of its unprecedented waterproof phone which also Apple nailed an elevated price tag to. Samsung comes second after Apple recording a relatively meager $8.3 billion. Although this is quite understandable given the Galaxy Note 7 disaster Samsung suffered last year. Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo trailed Samsung to fill up the top five.

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