Google’s Gboard gets more tasty as you can now translate text into another language while typing

Google is never relaxing, well this is very understandable. Those below feel there is rest at the top, but there is more trouble staying at the top than getting there. To stay ahead needs regular technological evolution, and Google is not relenting any bit.
This inspiration is pushing Google to introduce a suite of fresh features beefing up Gboard keyboard’s Android edition. This update rolls forward a feature which sophisticates Google Gboard to translate into a different language when you type in real time. This is practically a build up on Google’s Now on Tap translation integration which we had back in 2016 which enabled users of Gboard to translate any screen of another language by holding down on the home button.

This brings in juicy convenience as rather than waiting to translate possibly when you are through typing, Gboard will now seamlessly do it for you on an automatic mode. All you need do is click the icon for translation. On the quick start menu, there is another translate box. This is well compatible with pasting text. So you an conveniently paste in text and get it converted to your compatible choice language.

This cross lingual function makes Google Gboard all more delicious. Google Translate at present supports over a hundred language. Enjoy!!

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