Viber message app with over 800 million users add self-destructing chat

Viber ranks as one of the largest messaging app globally no doubts about that. Talking about the volume of its users, Viber has over 800 million users globally who have completed their registration.

These days internet espionage is so common. We have secret agencies sniffing around the internet discreetly monitoring our activities online- even our social media and chats. However good purpose this spying is directed at, it does not change the fact that it is inappropriately intrusive and a gross violation of our privacy. Hence these days we are having encrypted chats and secrets chats among the big social media platform geared sustaining your fragile privacy.

Now Viber is rolling in “secret chats”. The essence of this is to make sure you can start a chat, and set a particular time for that chat to vanish or self destruct. Some time in the beginning of the year, Viber had also introduced secret messages which gave you the ability to self destruct individual messages after a set interval. On this secret chat, you will not be able to forward messages from that particular chat to another conversation; and even on Android, you can’t take screenshots. These messages on this secret chat are encrypted and even upon your choice, you can conceal this secret chat with a selected pin code.

From our calculation, Viber should be unleashing this feature to both its iOS and Android users something next week.

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