Jolly jolly:You can now enjoy collaborative editing through Google Docs on

WordPress practically rules the world of website development. And any upgrade WordPress rolls in proves to be crucially indispensable. Well we have another addition from WordPress now.

From what we have learnt, we have seen that WordPress is rolling forward some fresh editing options complementing the unveiling of a tasty plugin for Google Docs.

The extension is well compatible with Chrome. This extension gives you the avenue to manipulate your way around WordPress in such a way that you can import straight from Google Docs something you had previously scribed down- to Most conveniently you can transport stuff from Google Docs to WordPress such that the content still maintains “most” of its layout formats and other formatting choices you have made earlier on WordPress. Just that this time you can’t publish straight from from Google Docs — it is still necessary for you to proceed to WordPress to take the publishing option after having a final review.

This juicy addition is really extensive as it gives you this feature on every site you had hosted with Via this extension with Google Docs, you will be able to enjoy collaboration with other writers. This is much more sumptuous compared to the previous arrangement of editing stories individually.

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