At last: You can now buy stuff from another country in Google Store

Previously we have seen that Google is very particular about its laws guiding geographic restrictions, which decided which country’s Google store you could access from your very country. This was really hindering as there were some countries you would not be able to get deliveries from.

It is thus relieving seeing that Google Store is bringing down its strong hand concerning these restrictions. With the ease in policies, you should be able to buy stuff from other countries. As much as your address is legitimate and valid, the selector page of the store of the country gives you the avenue to procure the delivery of such goods to the very country you want them sent to. Let us take an example here, from Nigeria here you can access the U.S. Google Store and buy say Chromecast Ultra. From there you could deliver the Chromecast Ultra to any of your acquaintances in the United States.

So now it is very possible to send a person a gif far away or on the other hand you could choose to buy something not yet in Nigeria from another foreign country’s Google store. It is even possible to use your credit card or debit card which has been issued to you by a Nigerian bank for the transaction.

This is no doubt good news as this ups Google store to the type of international service option offered by Best Buy and the other ones.

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