Tutorial: How can I change the type ofFacebook Notifications I receive

The truth is not all of us really like notifications on our smartphones. It even gets annoying when the pestering notifications are for stuffs as unserious as someone giving you an invitation to join him on Facebook for some game. It really could be annoying.

Here in this tutorial we will be showing you what procedures you can adopt in keeping off those notifications you don’t enjoy on your Android phone or possibly your iPhone.

The first procedure in how to skid past these disturbing notifications is first opening the Notifications tab you see in your normal Facebook app in your phone.

If it is an iPhone you are using, you see a notification, swipe on it to the left. On the other hand, if it is an Android phone, simply long press on it. By doing this, it will reveal to you other options for this notification.

Look carefully through the options, you will see the one to “Hide” . This doesn’t really do more than just hide the notification off the compilation. If it is on an iPhone, you will have to click on the “More” option this will unravel all the other options.

The category of notification actually decides the options. In this vein, you see that if the notification is from a group on Facebook, the options will allow you distort to the sort of notification changing the types of posts you will receive notifications for. You can possibly make a comment you make on a friend’s status, you have the option of turning off the notifications beeping when other persons drop comments on that status too.

So looking at it from this angle, you see that for stuffs like when you get an invitation to play game, or invitations to a page, what you rather get is a generic pop up to manage your notifications. In this case, if you choose to block them, consequently you will not get any sort of notification like that.

We hope this tutorial gives your phone peace of mind from those annoying notifications from Facebook that can really be intrusive.

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