How to Publish Posts on WordPress Blog Directly from Microsoft Word

WordPress is one of the most popularly used, open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS).

How to Publish to WordPress Blog Directly from Microsoft Word

The WordPress I’m talking about here is not the, but the that requires a web hosting service. One of the most common problems faced by newbies using WordPress is finding a correct word-processing tool. Although, WordPress has an inbuilt word processor, but it can’t check punctuation, grammar, and sentence coherence.

Bloggers that are conversant with Microsoft Word will understand the length at which the tool can work. For instance, I no longer need to write HTML codes when I want to make tables, unlike in the past. With Microsoft Word, I perfect everything and post it directly on my blog without any ado.

I’m currently using Microsoft Word 2010 on my PC. All screenshot and steps are based on MS word 10. However, a friend of mine that uses MS Word 2013 told me this method also works for him. Meaning that, this tutorial will work on MS Word 10 and 13.

Steps to Publish Post from Microsoft Word to WordPress

  1. Open MS word,  and click on file


  2. Click on new, and then click on Blog Post


  3. Since this is your first time of using this, you would be required to register, so click on Register now


  4. Now select the blogging platform you choose to post on i.e. WordPress, and the click next


  5. Enter your blog address and login details where required and the click on ok


  6. If your login credentials are correct, you would be shown a success message like what you are seeing below


  7. Finally, create your post and then click on publish to post from your MS Word to WordPress.


The tutorial is quite simple and explanatory with the screenshots that accompanies each step.

I use this method to post on my blog often, so I’m recommending it to you. If you run into any problem, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

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