Tutorial: How You Can Stop Mozilla Firefox From Asking For Your Location

It is quite disturbing seeing web browsers asking us for our location via means of a prompt. Well this is because websites have been granted permission by the web browsers to demand our location. But this could be pestering at times. In this guide, we will examine how we can disable such requests for your location in Mozilla Firefox.

Websites which will demand for your location would let you possibly plug in a zip address. It is not a necessity at all to give the correct location to Firefox, so when you get to turn it off, there also will not be the case of you suffering a good slice of the capacities of your Mozilla Firefox cut off.

Let us look at Mozilla Firefox here. The setting to stop your Mozilla from asking for your location is quite concealed in the about:config screen in your Mozilla Firefox. How do you access it? Simply type about:config into Firefox’s address bar after which you can hit Enter.

Contained in the about:config screen is a broad collection of settings (precisely advanced settings). This is quite a sensitive place as any mistake could massacre the normalcy of your Firefox Mozilla. So closely follow the settings to avoid such mistakes.

You will need to click “I accept the risk” to recognize the risk.

Now in the search box appearing on about:config screen, type geo.enabled. A “geo.enabled” preference will appear, you will have double click so that Firefox will interpret your instruction as “false” and set it so.

After this, you can close the about:config tab afterwards.

And there you are done. Simple right? You can now have your peace without worrying about the popping disturbance of Mozilla Firefox asking for your location.

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