At last SwiftKey brings key-press sounds to its Android version

A good number of Android users are not entirely satisfied with the default keyboard that comes with their smartphone. Such taste cam simply be in preference or for some selected functionalities. For such class if dissatisfied persons, they would really applaud the choice of SwiftKey (the android version) as one of the best keyboards you can add to your android phone.

On a personal note, I particularly enjoy how SwiftKey combines artificial intelligence technologies in the tasteful prediction of what I have in mind to type. It is almost like telepathy. But just like me there was a feature we bemoaned not having in SwiftKey’s armory: talking about the capacity to customize the keyboard to synchronize with sound profiles.

Yet we can now heave a big sigh of relief as SwiftKey is now bringing in that addition. If you want to reach this new sound profile feature on your Android version of SwiftKey, simply slide the hamburger icon appearing on the left hand side of the prediction bar, proceeding to the SwiftKey Hub. There you will be able to open the ‘Typing’ panel after which you have the option of selecting ‘Sound and Vibration’. There it is all set.

In context of this update, SwiftKey android version is rolling in four fresh profiles: Android, Traditional, Modern as well as the Blip version. Enjoy!!

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