Could this be beef: Microsoft ending one of the easiest means to Google search in Windows 10

Windows 10 to discontinue Google search from Cortana….

Could this be beef: Microsoft ending one of the easiest means to Google search in Windows 10

Microsoft is shutting off one of the most convenient means to Google search in Windows 10. The company has released the announcement via means of a blog post which takes immediate effect. With this new move in place, it will now shut off the capacity for users to carry out third-party searches through the Cortana digital assistant.

This move can be seen as aimed towards maintaining an “integrated search experience.” The move comes as a possibly backlash of some well targeted moves which make use of browser extensions or say registry edits to firmly set Google as the default engine for Cortana searches rather than Bing.

The company is necessarily worried as regards logging search results across different parts of Windows. This is as some particular Cortana queries can now bring forth corresponding features in Bing or Edge. “The only way we can confidently deliver this personalized, end-to-end search experience is through the integration of Cortana, Microsoft Edge and Bing.” the company explained in a blog post. Google and other search engines though will not stop being accessible via means of a normal browser search.

While we can’t deny the surprise element of this Microsoft’s reaction, we can’t yet say it is wholly unheard of. Both Android as well as Siri’s voice search feature restrict users into obscured default search engines. This could be said to violate supposed ethics of neutral user choice. Still, this is no good news for any individual who had been making use of the new extensions, and quite an out-of-place direction for an operating system that was aiming to make a reputation for itself as more flexible to customer taste than its competitors.

It looks to be a big beef. The one big enough to cook party food!

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