BBM video available in beta for android users

Blackberry’s own chat app has been around for a while now and when it came to Android was when it blew up – belie dah (in your face Apple fan boys). So, over time it has had one or two updates from user interface to retracting messages, to glympse etc etc. Now, they’ve brought their latest development to Android – BBM video calls; it is however important to note that this feature is still in beta(this means it has a lot of bugs – in simple terms, it might misbehave). I for one would not mind testing it out; not that I am actively on BBM or anything but I do like to try out new things and as Blackberry has decided to be adopted into the family(check out the BB10 series and the Priv), I believe I owe them this little favor.

Come to think of it, if we don’t test it out and tell them how it is and what glitches to fix, how would they get better. So folks, head on down to the play store and update your version of BBM.


This is how a BBM video call will look like

Wait, know what? Don’t do that if you’re not in North America (U.S and Canada to be precise). Hold on, don’t get mad yet, get this last part before you go all bat-shit crazy on me: If you’re running JellyBean or lower, well, you’re outta luck. Being the devil’s advocate for a second here, Internet speeds are better over there and of course they have their headquarters there too, so if there are any bugs, it would be quite easy to iron them out before throwing it out for the rest of the world.

Apart from these little quirks, you still require a strong Internet connection to make video calls, ever used Skype or Facebook calls with slow connections? See what it does to you? Well, this might be a tad worse. I cannot  quite confirm this yet until I can try it out myself which hopefully will be very soon.

If any Apple fanboy made it to the end of this post after the jibe I threw at them, then you deserve to know that Blackberry is working on an iOS version too; so hang tight.

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