Microsoft updates it’s enterprise apps

Writing a document can be a pain when you have to constantly be on the move and you probably cannot carry your laptop with you; so what do you do? You continue editing via a mobile alternative. One of the biggest and from a household name is the Microsoft Office Suite or Enterprise; choose your pick. It could also be really frustrating if the app has a horrible User Interface or just outright unusable. Don’t get me wrong; these apps have been life savers for me once or twice, but they sure did need a few fixes here and there and Microsoft came through on that. I’ll itemize the apps and the various updates or changes; note that this is not a complete makeover or overhaul but it sure is a welcome update.


First up is Microsoft Word. No doubt this is one of the most used text editors in the world; from a 300 page project to a resume, I’m sure many people use this app from day to day and not just on desktop or laptops; on mobile too. There were two major updates:

  • The tables: You might not use tables a lot in your simple documents but when it comes to more complex things, tables are a major part of that. Prior to this update, inserting and editing a table wasn’t what you would call a breeze. It was tacky and cumbersome. But no more, as the new update gives it bigger cells by default and an arrow at the bottom left corner to resize it
  • Quick access commands: In a nutshell, these are those things that pop up when you long press (press and hold if you like) a text. Now you have the option to look that word up on Bing, similar to what Google implemented in Chrome. The traditional “Cut, Copy and Paste” commands are still there but this was added to make it more functional.                    microsoft-word<word-1

                                   The updated Microsoft Word showing the new access shortcuts and table interface


The major update to this was the fact that it can now open .CSV file, though only in Read Only, to edit you would have to save as an xslx file. The other one is also the updated access commands(I explained earlier). With this update, you get the new line option added to the access commands.

       excel1 excel2

                                      The updated Microsoft Excel showing the new access shortcuts and CSV file

These might be small changes but they should improve the user experience a whole lot. Want to try these apps out, you could search for them on the Play Store.

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