Microsoft’s Cortana Moves Across to iOS and Android

The launch of a Cortana apps which is to hold soon will enable users of iPhones and Android phones to have something along with Cortana on Windows 10 PCs, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group Joe Belfiore had revealed on Tuesday via the company’s official blog.

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This development constitutes part of the software maker’s move to increase its competitiveness as regards to the mobile sector which would involve it developing apps and services which would be presented to those who had been using devices of its rival where the later (rival) gathered more popularity than Microsoft’s indigenous Windows Phone offerings.

Just like the case with Windows 10, which could come out this summer, Microsoft is also considering to enact a worthy compensation for the ills of the Windows 8.

The Windows 10 Mobile version would operate Microsoft’s popular universal apps, which by the nature of their design would maintain adequate functionality on all devices. It will also employ the use of Microsoft’s recent Continuum feature to change quickly an app’s layout in an automated process once the user plugs the phone into a PC monitor thereby being responsive to a keyboard and a mouse.

This would form an integral part of Microsoft’s aspirations to connect the user’s Windows PC to whatever smartphone at his disposal, Belfiore had announced on Tuesday, a new Phone Companion app which would provide the user with the feature of installing as well as using Cortana for iOS and Android. The app be open for grabs to members of the Windows Insider Program in some weeks interval, along with this, the Cortana companion will be introduced to Android phones by the finishing end of June and to iPhones in the later quarter of 2015.

The question now is how competitive the Cortona would be when compared with Google Now as well as Apple’s Siri or probably co-exist in the role of voice assistant? Well that is your decision to make. iPhone users would still have the functional capacity to use Siri as before, while Android users could still fall back to Google Now.

In the beginning phase, Cortana for Android and iOS is not going to possess equal features as compared to the model on a Windows Phone. Taking for example, Cortana wouldn’t present the voice activation feature including other features which are quite helping, this may eventually cut down on its appeal. Both Google Now and Siri are produced to communicate and receive user commands, provide solution to questions including the function of procuring information. Google Now works for iOS devices since it’s is designed into the Google app.

Also Cortana wouldn’t enable you to open apps or switch settings in the Android or iOS versions. And the capacity to employ Cortana hands-free by the “Hey Cortana” will suffer restrictions to the Windows 10 PC version and the Windows Phone version.

But then it is evident that Microsoft aspires to build and promote Cortana for Android and iOS to the greatest effect, so at the tail end provide sufficient competition for its rivals. Both Siri and Google Now do not provide notifications, so this is an added bonus for Cortana, which could remind iOS and Android scheduled appointments, air flights in addition to other activities as planned.

Still on the advantage side, all the information located in the Cortana’s Notebook, which maintains supervision over your reminders, settings and preferences, will sync with displaying on every device you have be it desktop or mobile.

The integration between the user’s mobile device and the Windows 10 that Microsoft is banking on to lure more users to try their hands on Cortana. The app has the ability to beep you on your reminders filling the position of your personal assistant across both your mobile device and the Windows 10, in such way that so you’re assured of a back-up whether at your office or on the way.

In the mould of an advanced move toward integration, the Phone Companion app on Windows 10 PCs will assist the user set up his phone in a manner that will make all of your content — documents, photos, music, at your fingertips on both you’re your mobile device and your PC using the Microsoft’s OneDrive online file sharing. In addition to this, a state of the art Xbox Music app for Android and iOS will enable the user to easily enjoy his music from OneDrive.

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