Slow Computer? How to Fix It

Slow or sluggish computers can be very annoying. Oftentimes, they impede your work and may not allow you meet deadlines. In many cases, it may be because there is no enough space in the hard disk or too many background programs. These situation can make you feel like smashing your PC or Laptop. Please don’t. You may regret this later., Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal round up 5 easy and simple ways to make your system perform faster and better.



Unused programs can make your system very slow. Many of these programs are usually pre-installed when you buy a new system. Some of them would even run as background processes when you boot your computer. For programs you don’t need, you can uninstall them. To uninstall an unwanted program, open the programs and features page by clicking the start button (for windows 8, you can search for programs and features, it takes you directly to the programs and features page), then click control panel, click on programs and finally click on Programs and Features. recommend that you can select and uninstall the irrelevant program.



While your computer is loading, there are some programs that automatically launch itself and some of them would take time before they boot. These programs if they continue to run can fill up space in the computer’s memory. From the start menu search for RUN, type in msconfig, the system configuration will pop-up, click on startup, again click on open task manager and from the task manager, you can disable any program that launches automatically.





This is one important feature of any system if affected can prevent it from maximum performance. If the hard disk is not checked regularly, it can corrupt the files in your system. You have to scan your hard disk regularly. In addition, you must ensure that you defragment your hard disk. How do you do this? Search for Disk Defragmenter, click on it, you see a list of programs you can defragment, click on the file you want defragmented. Note that if the fragmentation is less than 10%, don’t bother to defragment. Your system is in a good condition. This procedure is just to optimize the performance of your system and it may take quite some time to be completed depending on the degree of fragmentation.

Hard disk


These are files that have accumulated over a period of time especially if you surf the internet with your system. This unnecessary files can slow down your system. Search for temporary files from the search menu, click delete. You can select from the menu that pops up which temporary file you want to delete.



If your system is virus infested, it can affect its optimum function. Therefore, you must buy or download the best anti-virus to protect your system from these viruses and malwares. If your system has been adversely affected by virus, the system could crash. Other measures to prevent the complete collapse of your system is just to format it. You can lose all your files and data if you embark on this process. It is better to use anti-virus to protect your system.


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