Microsoft, testing next major Windows 10 update with new features

Reports have reached us from our sources saying that Microsoft is beginning to run tests on the next major Windows 10 update with the codename 19H1. The update will be available within the first half of 2019. A few days ago, Microsoft began to release public builds of the 19H1 to testers of Windows 10 with features that will be included in the codename Redstone 5 update which will be due for release in September or October. Furthermore, the software giant is adding a new Mixed Reality Flashlight Feature which opens a low-latency pass-through camera feed from a controller to give users the ability to get a view of the real world around them while using VR apps or playing VR games.

More so, Microsoft is adding new emoji to both the Redstone 5 update and the 19H1 update the aim of which is to complement the 157 new additions to Unicode 11. The emojis that will be included are those alike with Apple’s iOS 12 additions having superheroes, redheads, a pirate flag, a llama, and so much more will be made available sometime within this year. The software giant is also making some developments to a few of its emojis that are already available with the two upcoming updates and it is even adding in leap second support inside Windows so as to provide a more accurate support for the leap seconds that occur every 18 months.

Even though tests that are to be run for the 19H1 update have only just begun, new additions will be made available in the weeks to come as Microsoft is concluding its work on the Redstone 5 and moving its focus to new features for 19H1. Windows insiders will have the ability to skip over to the new builds in order that they can get access to the new features as soon as they are made available.

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