WhatsApp’s group video calling feature now live

At the Facebook F8 developer conference in the month of May earlier this year, WhatsApp made an announcement that it would bring in a feature that allows for calling within a group both with voice and video support sometime within this year. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, this feature is now live for all WhatsApp users around the world both on Android and iOS. The group calling feature allows about four people to have a conversation at the same time irrespective of their locations.

WhatsApp told our sources that it programmed the feature to work under a network condition that is not determined by a star (topology of a network whose components are connected to a hub) so that a user will have the ability to video chat with a friend or family member from distant locations as long as they are online. Each call that is being made is also encrypted on both ends just as is the case with chats on the social media network.

At the early part of this year, the company made an announcement saying that it has 1.5 billion users that are active on a monthly basis, and with this statistic, we may well be able to guess that there a quite a number of individuals who will not want to waste any time to try out the new group calling feature. The first time WhatsApp launched video chatting was two years ago (2016) and voice calling was first introduced in 2014 and in recent times we have found that a lot of WhatsApp users spend about 2 billion minutes in total talking on the phone on a daily basis.

To start a group call, start a video or voice call with one of the contacts after which you have to tap the button at the top-right corner of the screen to add another group member to the call. Having added three people, you’ll see their names with a comma separating them. Note, you have to download the latest WhatsApp version.

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