Power management is of great concern to most device users. I believe this is the reason why one of the leading Giants in software design has dimmed it necessary to include a power slider option to the main battery section of the taskbar with a view of giving its users the opportunity of quickly adjusting power options to suit their devices especially its battery longevity.

Previously, in order to adjust the power options in your windows 10 device you would have to sequentially locate the control panel to get this done, but with this new feature “power slider”, it is now much more easier to adjust the power mode of your device thereby saving time and stress of any sort. This feature is currently tested by Microsoft in the new windows 10, its part of the new windows 10 build 15014.

Microsoft hopes to improve its battery life and are making great investment toward their goal. Fortunately for all windows 10 user, we are expecting a new ebook store and the ability to select a custom color for the accent colors found across windows 10 as part of the latest update. Also, the windows 10 feature is also improved with the system to automatically free up space on your PC by deleting temporary files and items that have been in the recycle bin for 30 days.

All these features will be made available by Microsoft, updates scheduled for April. If you are so eager to try out some of these exciting features, you can sign up to be a windows insider.

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