Instagram newest update which will be made available to users with Instagram version 10.0 and above entails the live ephemeral video. This update will be officially made available to users around the world by next week.

Feature like that on snapchat is very similar to that on Instagram, stories allow its users to share videos and photos which only will be made available for 24 hours. It was launched last august. During December last year, the live video support was also added.
To begin a live video, open the stories feature by simply swiping right to open it. One more swipe to the right will give you the option to go live. One video can have a duration of an hour.

It was estimated by Instagram that over 150 million people use stories daily. This was made public early this month. But they did not specify the total number of users making use of the live feature. Also ads between stories will be placed. All this changes is to be expected after updates have been made.

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