Benefits of Using Blogger Over WordPress

When you came across the title of this post, you will be thinking if truly Blogger has any benefits over WordPress. But today, I’m going to shed light to some benefits of Blogger over WordPress. I mean the self-hosted WordPress not the blogging platform.

Blogger or WordPress

Before I start, I must let you understand that this post is not trying to say you shouldn’t use WordPress at all, I’m only trying to point out some benefits of using Blogger over WordPress as an experience user of both blogging platforms.

Some Benefits of Using Blogger Over WordPress

1.      Great Starting Platform for Newbies:

Blogger is a nice place to start for newbies. To me, Blogger is a starting platform. Most of the top blogs you see all around the web started their blogs from Blogger. If you are really committed to learning, you can build something great out of it. You can check My Awesome Blogger Widgets Page for some beautiful widget to make your Blogger blog look professional. With WordPress, you will Get your hands dirty, and host your website yourself, install plugins to extend your site’s functionality. Install custom themes. Build your own with PHP and CSS.

2.      100% Free

With Blogger, no monthly hosting fee is required. If you are planning to start a blog and you are short of cash, then Blogger is a nice option for you.

3.      Ad-Free

Unlike most free blogging platform, Blogger is ad-free. Blogger don’t display ads on your blog.

4.      You can Place Ads and Monetize it

Despite the fact that Blogger is free, you are free to display ads and monetize your blog.

With the four benefits of using Blogger over WordPress stated above, you should be able to deduce that Blogger as a blogging platform is also awesome.

 In conclusion, WordPress too have its own benefits over Blogger. In my next publication I’ll explain WordPress benefits over Blogger. After my next publication, you will be able to know which outweighed which in benefits. You can also add your through the comment section below.

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