How to Schedule Post to a Future Date/Time on Blogger

There are two types of bloggers, they are: full-time and part-time bloggers. As their name implies, full-time bloggers have all the time to be with their blogs while part-time bloggers are those who have other things they do apart from blogging. As a part-time, you will have to schedule some of your posts whenever you are not around to keep your readers intact.


Both part-time and full-time bloggers may have their own personal reasons to schedule posts on their blog(s). In this post I will explain how bloggers using blogger/blogspot blogging platform can schedule post to be published at a later time/date. Though this is not a new service in blogger, but some newbie bloggers don’t know how it can be done.

Blogger/Blogspot blogging platform allow users to schedule post for publication to any future date. When you are on vacation for like a week and you are not sure if you will be able to access the internet where you are going, you can compose the post you want to post for that week and then schedule each of them according to your publication routine.

How to Schedule Post(s) on Blogger

1. Login to your blog dashboard and click on compose post.
2. After composing your post, go to the right side of the compose mode page, under post settings and then click on schedule.
3. At default, post has been scheduled to post automatically, so you will have to schedule the time you want the post to be published by clicking on ‘set date and time’. Select the date and then click on done.
4. Finally click on publish to queue the post.

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