3 Easy Ways to Add HTTPS to Blogger Blog

Most of us are familiar with the term “http” and “https” which are the client/server protocol that defines how messages are formatted and transmitted on the World Wide Web.

https on blogger blog

In the beginning, majority of bloggers were not too concerned with whether their blog is using HTTP or HTTPS but due to some recent development in the blogosphere, people are starting to see the importance of using https on a site.

This is because apart from the hearsay that an https site has an advantage over non-https site in terms of SEO, One of the major incidences that did also brought a sudden interest in secured hypertext transfer protocol is that of the non-https blogger blogs not showing on PC.           

But on this post you’ll get to learn the best ways to add https to blogger blogs using a reliable

3 Best Ways on How to Add HTTPS to Blogger Blog

1. Purchasing an SSL Certificate from your Domain Registrar – If you register a new custom domain from your domain Registrar and connect it with a blogger blog, your blog’s information and materials would be served over a normal http protocol. However if you’d like to have your blog being served over secured connection, you can purchase an SSL certificate from your domain name registrar.

Namecheap which is one of the popular domain name registrar is an example of a Company that offer SSL certificate for its customer at a certain price. At their Cheap Comodo SSL Certificate Page, you can get an SSL certificate for your domain name as at now for just $9.

2. Getting a Free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare – Apart from buying SSL certificate from your domain name registrar, you can also get it from Cloudflare for absolutely free. Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network [CDN] which helps to optimize your site’s content so it could load faster.           

To get an SSL certificate from Cloudflare, you’ll first need to add your domain name on Cloudflare and then change the name servers from your custom domain Registrar dashboard to that of Cloudflare. This will allow Cloudflare to be able to manage likewise also act as CDN for your custom domain.

Once you’ve changed the name servers, you can now request for the HTTPS by clicking on the “Crypto Tab” on your Cloudflare dashboard. After this, you can now configure your site’s Page rules from the same dashboard using the “Page rules Tab”!

NOTE: You should also login to your blogger dashboard >> Theme >> HTML. Then Ctrl+F all HTTP and change them into HTTPS.

3. Buy it from other websites: Apart from the two above, you can also purchase an SSL Certificate from other website. An example is www.sslcertificate.com or you could Google up some other trusted sites for that           

And there goes the 3 best ways to add https to your blogger blog! Do let me know your thoughts via the comment box

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