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If you are a blogger blogging via Blogger/Blogspot platform, you’ll understand that using MS word to compose your blog post is not in any way beneficial. MS Word will include so many tags in the contents that would make your blog design and the post look shabby. However, bloggers blogging on WordPress don’t have problem with MS Word, they can copy and paste post directly from MS Word without losing format, and no useless tags included.


This post is mainly for bloggers using the Blogger/Blogspot platform. While I was still using Blogger, I was told to write my blog post directly into the blog software rather than into a word-processing software program, and this is not convenient in any way for me, so what I did then was write in MS Word and then paste it on notepad before I copied it back or paste it directly on the blog dashboard via the HTML mode instead of the compose mode. But the sad news is, all the formatting would be gone, then I have to start formatting the post again.

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Later, I discovered a tool that that works like MS Word, but words composed on it can be pasted directly without including any shabby tags.

The name of the Word-processing software is OpenOffice Writer. OpenOffice Writer is a very useful word processor. You can download the program from HERE. OpenOffice Writer will save you time you use to correct your post formatting. Just compose your post on it and paste it directly on your blog.

Download, use the application and don’t forget to share your experience via the comments.

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