Top 9 Free Plagiarism Detection Tools for Bloggers

Plagiarism as it stands is “intellectual burglary”! Breaking into someone’s write-up and stealing away the sweat of his pen finding credits to the original owner too costly to pay. This ingratitude is becoming a vice some persons are grateful for as they transfer ownership of one’s work, parading fake shoulders of being responsible for a work that is not theirs as if they helped you with some recipes when you were cooking the write-up! Surely, if the early Israelites were all literates, Moses could have made a law against plagiarism the eleventh commandment, to tell how deep this “pen-crime” committed by most writers is!

Free Plagiarism Checker

Google has really helped us in knowing who really owns a work, helping writers establish copyright parentage over the write-up they give birth to, so that the plagiarizing writers who “clone” and reproduce write-ups could easily be identified. It is thus very advisable for every blogger to have a copyright page and post it on either footer or most conspicuous places on their websites. This prevents one from unduly copying your work as you could request Google or DMCA to delete that content from your websites, you can also press copyright infringement charges against them. So it is best to start working on producing a copyright page for your websites and blogs.


Why use plagiarism checker websites?

Google always publishes recent updates to either punish or commend websites. If your websites is in possession of low quality contents or having links built with poor strategy, it automatically gets penalized by Google’s updates like the popular penguin and panda. If you boast rich quality contents, you will be rewarded with top results in SERP’s, it is as enjoyable as that!

Therefore, when someone steals your work, Google crawlers detect multiplied pages on their search results with repeated information. Even though if you are not guilty of copying others, your site could still get the chastising whip when others steal from you. To avoid dieing for someone else’s disease, you need to regularly surf Google search results if an accomplice is copying your contents or the other way round. Then you could resort to retaliatory actions (DMCA etc.) to wipe those contents from those criminal pages.

You don’t need to be a strict cop before you catch “arrest” copying you, plagiarism checker websites helps you with this policing duty. True, definitely you could also use Google (copy and pasting your own content) to indict someone plagiarizing your sweat, you should know it barely turns out well when you attempt searching voluminous number of web pages. Moreover, you wouldn’t really get the distinct internet address of copied contents when you don’t employ plagiarism checker websites.

How about we know some of the top Plagiarism Checker Websites that are the cream of the Plagiarism Checker’s electronic society; talking about some of the most efficient Plagiarism Checker websites.

Top Plagiarism Checker Websites

1. PlagiarismCheck

There’s a reason why this should top catalogue of free plagiarism checker websites. This site is innocently notorious for offering free services which include the checking of unrestricted number of papers as well as reports on plagiarism. What necessarily sells the website is that it accommodates all kinds of file formats and it proffers simple and quick means of getting (through download) plagiarism reports as it is indifferent to location. We must also sadly admit that this checker does have its own shortcomings: the products it provides are not accompanied with warranty.

2. Plagiarism Checker

This site is particularly helpful to authors and lecturers with each teacher provided with a fat list of guides on how to enjoy the product. Here you could verify a document, articles and web page for rude duplicates and transmit any plagiarism suspected at once. This blessing comes after a tithe, this plagiarism checker isn’t free. A kind number of plagiarism detection services are also presented but you will subscription which is bought!

3. Article Checker

This unlike PlagiarismCheck where registration is needed before upload your work, the Article Checker surprisingly allows you to verify your work directly and quickly enough by inserting your content to compare. No download or registration is a prerequisite. You could check for duplications just in seconds, though the results might not necessarily meet our fair expectations!

4. SearchEngineReports

This plagiarism check provider is amazingly easy to operate as all required is pasting your content in the text box so as to compare. Though the site currently biting differences with Bing blaming the former in certain conditions. You would be instructed to enter a domain name you intend checking the duplicated content as regards those distinct keywords that you are searching, this device could be your secretary on that. It reflects all the duplicated contents with the ranking for those words that you request as well as along the duplicates.

5. DupliChecker

This website provides free plagiarism online detection function even with no registration. In addition to that, DupliChecker also offers a mouthful of beneficial information as to plagiarism, though you could need your manners to wait and finish everything! One loud restriction is you only search for strictly 1500 words at a time, yet we wouldn’t be stingy with our compliments- it’s a wonderful plagiarism tool to locate duplicated links or work.

6. Tuition

The site’s plagiarism checks are restricted to English, and it compensates for that with its offer of a rich span of private tuition, exam preparation services and tutors. Sadly though, the site is tilted preferentially towards Hong Kong students.

7. Dustball

This site judiciously works well like the others. It provides fundamental verification services freely but if you prefer more effective checks at thrice more a precise performance than the free edition, the premium version is also available when you sign up at $8/month!

8. Plagium

Plagium is one plagiarism checker is a free party to be entertained to plagiarism checking free! The web is checked by designed algorithm scans for resemblance while the users could prefer to present the summaries, timeline, text found etc. You would be required to present the content to be checked, then Plagium completes it! One fascinating thing about Plagium is that you check the web, and not only that but also you could check like Facebook and other social media sites, getting to find duplicated contents!


Finally, this is a site that provides complementing services to plagiarism checking. One benefits from the article rewriter tool and enjoys the other features such as link tracker, backlink search engine pingler etc. However, the plagiarism checker is really easy operating also it’s free and no one is barred! It gets red when it hits duplicated content, and you could tell how much bag of information had been stolen from you!

These tool really helps a lot and you could detect how many ugly fans you have there who are celebrating your work without paying you compliments- know those armed with dark pens stealing from your content!

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