Learn Proper Typing Technique with These 2 Free Tools

The man with the smallest brain still knows this is the computer-age. Even he that crams his name, still appreciates that our new world is a digital universe with our civilization becoming as much familiar with computers as the Pope is with his rosary! As such it isn’t a technological abomination for your kid to learn browsing before he learns how to wear his shoes. Truly, with even wizards wishing they were computer wizards, computer craze is good lunacy!


If so, it is therefore clear how much you know about computers is important. Infact, your fingers are supposed to be as familiar with your computer keypads as it is with your cutleries. Typing skills therefore is no longer restricted to the secretary’s CV, as all of us should have fingers that could proudly stroll across the computer keyboard and even able to be faster with our keypads than we are with our lips!

These days, we have typing resources that could get help you with royalty over your keyboard- becoming a king of keypads. Some of the most reputable guides scattered around include the Typing club and ABCya.

Typing Club

typing club

Typing Club is a renowned website providing levy-free online touch typing lessons for all category and ages of students. You could use the free Chrome Web App the lesson or preferably the Typing Club website ; it operates the same way. Typing Club offers a hundred free activities which commences with the fundamentals and advances in difficulty until you are capable of touch typing on your whole keyboard, involving as well the use of less popular keys like “<” and “(with each lesson you are provided instant real-time feedback regarding your accuracy and typing pace. This is contrary to other typing lessons that tests your typing skills as well as your patience; waiting dutifully until an activity is finished to ascertain your accuracy or speed, Typing Club calculates that information again with each keystroke.


Type Rocket


Type Rocket is a one free game on learning typing from ABCya. There are two editions of the game;Type Rocket, Jr. and Type Rocket. Type Rocket game duration is sixty seconds in which student is expected to make fireworks explode by typing the letters that fits on that appearing on the rockets in the games. In the sixty second span of the game, students attempt to accurately type as many letters as they could afford to. The rocket increases the speed as the game goes ahead. Type Rocket, Jr. possesses a three minute time limit and could move slow relatively!

In all these, the listed guides are very worthy option for us who want to know the keyboard more than the back of our palms. Stop touching your keypads too carefully and proudly start touch-typing!

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