Make Money Online: Interswitch Launches Affiliate Program

As I earlier noted, this world is becoming thoroughly digitalized. The internet is one congested “digital hostel” where all of us have bunks in! This is fun as I could get a Oxford degree from my toilet seat- via online courses; I could as well open my stall and sell without paying Fashola a dime on taxes- online; this is more fun than unpatriotic! All thanks to the internet, I also hope one day to download a live Egusi soup meal from the internet!


Nowadays, we could pay our bills online. A new dimension has come to this as Interswitch has commenced an affiliate program to assist those owning websites to allow their visitors make multiple monetary transactions on their websites. This judicious list of online financial transactions could include DSTV, PHCN bills settling as well as phone recharging etc. This development could be realized from the recently introduced Quickteller medium. With this, you could carry out all these operation without any thorough deals with Telco, neither payment gateway integration nor writing draining lines of codes!

This works just perfectly! When guests visit your site, a widget appears which they could click to bring out pop up windows. He would be required to provide his email address and telephone number so as to get email receipts. On clicking next, he would be led to the famous WebPAY card input page, where he would present his card details. A visitor could also assess these services using a mobile device!

You could get your reimbursement every month. A report with all transactions processed through your site is summarized inside; showing your due percentage of returns as well as final transactions and statistics of success. Within 72 hours, your received invoice is returned with payment expected!

You would be required to present a letter identifying the account you would want the payment dropped into. Basic revenue from operations on your website are:

2.5% on every successful recharge executed on your blog

N27.5 on the charge [N100] for every bill payment

In addition to this, you are presented with a developed service where you fully personalize or customize your visitor satisfaction such that your blog has a single checkout page carrying the Pay with Quickteller icon. This is very interactive as Interswitch hopes to hear from you. If interested, we would love to be locked in discussions as regards financial agreements with you; check out more details here.

For more details, you can also contact:
01-906 5000 ext 1224

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