Save Once, View Anywhere: Introducing Save on Facebook

Facebook truly is one deafening invention. Zuckerberg was supposed to grow bald head after such breakthrough as there would be no more nutrients left in his brain for his hair to grow on! Facebook as a pioneer development, had the world squeezed much smaller from a global village to a global clan as I could rub mind with people I couldn’t physically rub hands with- Chatting!


Yet, Facebook hasn’t dropped the social media baton yet, as they still keep throwing more electronic spices into this interactive delicacy. Recently is the SAVE ON FACEBOOK!

Now, you could save on facebook what you like and get to enjoy better when you are more disposed. What you save on your item list (which could be links, pictures etc) is strictly personal unless you share with friends by swiping right on them or better still transfer into your archive list. Facebook will also bring to memory of its users the saved links via an alert showing on the news feed along with a sidebar, this has a “More” alternative on mobile devices. The Save service could be assessed by all on an iOS, Android and the web in the following few days.

This is just too good to be true- but is true!

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