9 Twitter Strategies for Promoting your Blog

If you have great contents and you do not promote it, then no one will know about your great work. For you to succeed as a blogger, you need traffic to your blog.


One sure way to go about promoting your blog is by using social media networks and the one we are talking about today is the use of twitter.

Twitter has over 500 million users and this provides you an opportunity to tap into this crowd and get yourself out there. You ability to use twitter can help you in driving traffic to your blog.

Below are 12 simple steps that you can use to achieve this.

Before you continue, check these:

1. Use Short, Catchy Tweets

Using twitter to promote your content requires 140 characters and to make use of this effectively, you need to be creative. When promoting a link or an article, you don’t have to stick to its title. Let us take and example, let’s say the title of your article is “How to correct the mistakes of life”, you tweet can be “Go forth and be insanely useful … copy.bz/13hu5g”. A tweet like this will definitely draw attention.

2. Add an Intriguing Quote from Post

For your followers to have an idea of what you want them to read, you can insert an intriguing quote from your post. This will make them want to read the whole post.

Give your followers a taste of your blog post. Include an intriguing quote from your article. Try to find a quote that’s concise and gives a flavour of the contents of your post. Studies shows that tweet s with catchy quotes tends to be re-tweeted.

3. Include Statistics

I don’t know if you know if you knowthis but people respond positively to data and statistics. Using this technique will make your tweet standout in the midst of tweets of your followers. Let us look at another example, “Did you know in 2013, 1 in every 100 pregnant women died during childbirth in Africa…. copy.bz/13hu5g”. I personally will want to read this.

4. Use #Hashtags

For tweeter users that do not know how to use hashtags, allow me teach you the power behind this little secret. When you create a topic using a hashtag, say #myawesomeblog, anybody that post a tweet using this tag will have their tweet promoted to all those that use this tag. This is the same if you post with an already established hashtag, you will simultaneously be promoting your blog to people that have already been using this hashtag. I have just revealed one secret of distributing your articles via different topics.

5. Use @mentions

The ability of using @ in any tweet is to send a particular tweet to a friend, follower or customer on twitter.

Another way to get your tweet retweeted is a technique where you write about a popular blog or person and you @mention them in your tweet with a link to your article. They will not only get it but they will appreciate it and might retweet it. This will get you promoted.

A mention is how you include Twitter users’ @usernames. They are a way you can send a tweet directly to followers, customers, or anyone on Twitter. See an example below.


6. Retweet Mentioned Blog Content

Just like I said earlier, in a case where someone mentions your blog in their tweet, you should retweet their tweet. You will be promoting yourself the same way.

7. Ask for a Retweet (or RT)

This one technique that can get you promoted easily and for free. Asking your follower to retweet your tweet can get you this. But first ensure that your tweet is very good and informative and has a link back to your post.

8. Insert Appealing Images

Everyone loves nice images. A tweet that has appealing images tends to attract enough readers. So I suggest that you start becoming creative with images to get enough readers for your articles and blogs.

9. Include a Blog Link in Your Bio

Remember to add the link to your blog in your twitter bio. When people want to follow you, most of them will first look at you bio. And as you continue to post, you continue to get more visitors to your bio and thereby your link.

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