How to Invite Contributors or Authors to your Blogger Blog

Are you planning to add contributor(s) to your Blogger blog, but want to restrain them to only making post or grant them full privilege? If yes, then this post if for you.

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I recently created a post with over 40 tools to create a professional and SEO Blogger blogs. Before and after the post, so many bloggers seek for help to install a particular widget on their blogs, to add a tag to their blog templates and many other things. Most of them always have the problem of making me a contributor on their blogs, so they always send me their login details which I tell them it’s wrong. If you send your blog login details to the wrong person, it might cost you the whole of your blog.

To help those who don’t know how to invite others to contribute on their blogs, then you should strictly follow the two-step process I explained below.

  1. Adding someone to only contribute to your blog by posting contents and nothing more.

  2. Adding someone to have the admin privilege i.e. can do any thing.

The (1-2) above are the types of privileges you can grant others on your blog. Make sure you only grant (2) to trusted persons. Anybody that has the (2) privilege can even delete the owner of the blog.


  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on your blog title
  • Navigate to Settings tab on the left side of your screen and then click on Basic

    blogger settings

  • Under permissions, click on +Add authors,enter the email address of the contributor(s) in the space provided and finally click on invite authors.

    blogger contribution permission

Once the invited Authors accept the invitation, they would be listed as Authors (1) under your blog in order to upgrade them to Admin (2), go back to the permission page and click select the admin option.

admin contributors on blogger

Happy blogging.

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