How to Securely Share Your Email Address on Web Pages

In one of my recent publications, I shared some Safe Ways to Share Email Address Online. Some members of this blog commented that the methods outlined were useful. Today, I want to share how Bloggers/Webmasters can securely share and hide their email address on their web page(s).

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The main reason why you drop your email address on your web page is to make your readers contact you easily. If you drop your email address in plain text, there is high tendency to get a lot of spam flooding your main box.

Some newbie use to wonder how manage their email address get into the hands of those who kept sending them spam mails. The simple answer is, most of them make use of email harvesting bots that got your email address from your web pages directly and this is because you don’t apply any security measure to securely share your email address with others..

I want to show you a means to securely share your email address on your web page(s) without any fear of been harvested by any email harvesting bots, and it would be done by using a simple CSS based technique called ‘Reverse Email’.

This is how the Reverse Email technique works, you write your email address in reverse (e.g as moc.cca@ulo) and then use the unicode-bidi and direction CSS properties to instruct the browser to display the text in reverse (or correct) direction. The text is selectable but the address would copied in reverse direction.

.rev {
unicode-bidi: bidi-override;
direction: rtl;

<!-- write your email address in reverse -->
<span class="rev"></span>

See the result of the code above:


Share your experience with this method in the comments section below.

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