Benefits of Using WordPress Over Blogger

In my last publication, I discussed some benefits of Using Blogger over WordPress, but this time, it will be the benefits of WordPress over Blogger. Blogger/Blogspot and WordPress are both great platform to blog, this article is created to address the advantages of using one over the other. By the end of this post, and considering the previous post (i.e. the benefits of Blogger over WordPress), you should be able to determine which blogging platform is suitable for you.blogger-or-wordpress

Some Benefits of Using WordPress Over Blogger

1.      Total Control over your blog

The number one benefit of  Blogger over WordPress is the amount of control you have over your blog.  You have the full control over self-hosted WordPress blog unlike Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google, your blog can be deleted without any prior notice. The issue of deletion of account has cause many bloggers to leave Blogger for WordPress.

2.      Plugins

WordPress is blessed with features like plugin. WordPress plugins allow you to customize your blog to suit your needs with just a few mouse clicks. To include features like Related Post, Social Widgets and many more on Blogger, its time consuming as you would have to edit your theme HTML and get your hands dirty. WordPress makes your life easy using simple plugins for everything you need. By using plugins, you can achieve almost anything.  There are thousands of them, and you can access each of them right from your Dashboard. Although Blogger gadgets have some similarities to WordPress plugins, the functionality of gadgets is very limited and it is difficult to re-engineer the structure of a Blogger blog.

3.      Support

If you encounter any problem on your WordPress blog, you can easily go to WordPress support forum for solution. WordPress support forum contains many questions and solutions to major problems encountered on WordPress. You can also post question regarding the problem you had.

4.      Reselling Your Blog

Reselling of blog popularly known as blog flipping isn’t allowed on Blogger. Google doesn’t allow the reselling of Blogspot blogs, but you can sell your self-hosted WordPress at any cost. 

5.      Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization in simple words means optimizing your blog for search engines and getting traffic from search engine. Since the aim of every blogger is to get traffic to their blog from search engines, WordPress offers more options to optimize your blog for search engine where as in Blogger you are limited to certain settings.

I’m sure there’s much more, but these are the things I’ve noticed with WordPress and Blogger. With the five benefits I’ve listed above, by now you should have conclude which Blogging platform is suitable for you between WordPress and Blogger. Blogger have its own benefits, likewise WordPress. If you know any other benefits of using WordPress over Blogger, don’t hesitate to share it via the comment section below.

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