Android N’s official name to be revealed in a few weeks

For some time, Google has opened its door wide inviting submissions from the public as an open-door naming ceremony for the Android N. Google had received gallons of submissions for the official Android N name and as revealed by the company, Google is in line to make announcement of the results “in a few weeks.”

Android N's official name to be revealed in a few weeks

The implication of all this is that there is sufficient reason in keenly watching out for an announcement say this month or next to finally come to the tingling reality of what name this Android N operating system would eventually take. In face of the rain of submissions from the outside, no one can yet wrap their fingers on a specific name per say. For now anyway, you can’t make suggestions for the name the new android system would take as the developers are already “poring over the submissions.”

Just in pace with anticipations, the company made the gigantic announcement through Google+, but it also released confirmation as to the recent development on Twitter, presenting the words with the hashtag #NameAndroidN.

As it is conspicuous to everyone, it came in company of a video which gives an expansive explanation of the means to go about cooking up with a great name. Google had flagged off the naming campaign at the 2016 I/O conference which convened in the hometown of the company. But prior to that, Google had been immersed in the process of accepting suggestions and threw the party open on online polls to come at the most suiting name. I guess this is because you really need some pints of genius to toast up a good name that starts with the letter N.

Just in case it might interest you, Googlers internally make references to Android N as New York Cheesecake, in face of this,we could lay hand on the forlorn possibility that the company would go with that.

It has really been a long journey of operating systems down to the Android N. All the way from the Android Donut, the Jelly Bean, the KitKat, the Lollipop and even most recently the Android Marshmallow.

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