Tutorial: Clearing Your Internet Explorer Browsing History

In face of the seeming death of Internet Explorer, practical reality says otherwise as the browser is still alive and kicking. Though it is true some persons no longer use the browser, but official data reveal that the browser still controls a reasonable 15% chunk of the browser market.

Having said this, it thus becomes necessary to say that IE (Internet Explorer) users are armed with the knowledge of how to store a history of your website comings and goings (just as it a culture on all other browsers), and even making tweaks to your history settings. In the same vein, just as there is the functionality of clearing your browser history with Safari for iOS, Mozilla Firefox, as well as Google Chrome, same way it is possible to clear it with Internet Explorer too.

Now, clearing your IE browsing history can be realized from Windows’ Internet Options. You can get within reach of this in one of two ways. Should you not have Internet Exploere up and running, simply proceed to the Control Panel. When you get there select “Internet Options”. (Another way around this is opening the Start menu as well as the search for “Internet Options” so as to arrive at this page.)

Now back to the situation where you have Internet Explorer open and running, you will need to click on the gear icon which appears in the upper-right corner after which you could click “Internet options”.

So assuming now that you have opened the Internet Options open, it is possible to see there is a “Browsing history” category on the General tab. Okay, now click the “Delete…” button.

After this, the following options would pop up which gives you the opportunity to clear a number of aspects of your browsing history. At the least end, it is possible you intend clearing your temporary files as well as history.

There is also the option of choosing to preserve any data stored from your favorites. What this implies that any website you could have tagged as favorite will be excluded when you embark on clearing you cookies as well as temporary Internet files.

Should you decide on clearing history automatically often, this is possible via selecting the “Settings” button which you can see on the Internet Options panel.

The Website Data Settings dialog allows you to make adjustments to what intervals Internet Explorer conducts checks for more recent versions of stored pages on the “Temporary Internet Files” tab, even inquiring about the capacity of disk space it can swallow for these files, as well as the location of this folder. You can also peep a look at this folder, the files within it, and should you choose to, you can move it to another location.

On the “History” you have the choice of dictating precisely the duration Internet Explorer stores your History. Basically twenty days is the default.

Now under the “Caches and databases” tab, you could particular decide on whether store databases and caches, and if they should, how large they could be. In addition to this, you can decide on if they should notify you when they spill beyond that limit. In addition to this, you have the avenue to peruse through each one even possibly clearing them.

There is the option to adjust these setting, actually it is cool you should. On a general note, that simple straightforward “Delete” button back on the General tab happens to be the most vital button you want to come to knowledge of.

To add to this, you equally have the capacity to decide on deleting your browsing history at every instance you exit Internet Explorer.

Always bear in mind that should there be sites you have a habit for visiting, and then you clear your history every time you get out of Internet Explorer, there may the unfortunate inconvenience of regularly having to log back into these sites every time you begin a fresh browsing session.

So now we can safely say the practice of clearing your Internet Explorer browsing history is a good one. In addition to the protection it renders you from potentially sneaking eyes, it can equally disk space which could turn vital.

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