Thief walks out of Apple Store with 19 iPhones worth over N3.2million by dressing like an employee

Everything is virtually modernizing. Even crime is getting a touch of civilisation. We now have “thinking thieves” with a criminal IQ that could only be matched should Einstein work in police academy. Thieves whose brains if employed for good could mop the world of lots of gallons of tears. The police obviously been schooled here need to spend more time in the library than at their stations, sophisticating their heads for modern intellectual combat.

And now just last week, police in New York made reports of a pair of thieves who had stolen their way to make away with 19 iPhones from an Apple Store. They were nor carrying guns; all they simply did was dress like employees. Drawing from the reports, thief “dressed similarly” to Apple’s own workers strolled into the electronics repair room of a SoHo store. He stocked his hands full with iPhones — running into an amazing worth of $16,130 — after which he passed them over to a fellow accomplice who then hid them under his shirt. In this way, the two guys walked very safely out of the store!

Can you believe that! The plot was successfully aided by the fact this very Apple Store hit is employed as a training location by the company. A source from the store had said that owing to that “nobody would question” a face which was even unfamiliar— this is so long the supposed intruder was putting on a familiar shirt.

Life is all about packaging, isn’t it?

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