Twitter goes to the salon: Twitter app for Android gets new look

The only thing that is constant is change. True talk, in the business sphere, you dare not take off your apron…Rihanna said it better with in her song:work work work work. To stay top of the chain and not been swallowed in the tides of time, you must a big “technical” bag of costumes! Regularly changing the look of your product as well as improving on its technicality.

Twitter goes to the salon: Twitter app for Android gets new look

Twitter understands this hence there “microwave oven” is always on; trying to warm the social media platform hot and steamy so as to still keep us voluntarily locked in its cell rooms. And now in the habit of change, the mega Micro-blogging website Twitter will be rolling out a new look Android app comprising a Material Design made by Google.

The Material Design employs the use of grid-based layouts, transitions, padding, responsive animations and depth effects which include shadows and lighting.

Now with the new look of the app, it will be divided into four tabs — Home, Moments, Notifications and Messages. You navigate between them by simply tapping the icons at the top of the screen. Another means through this is making use of a horizontal swipe.

So when you drag across from the left-hand edge, what you get is a display of a side menu with shortcuts to your lists, profiles as well as Twitter highlights.

The drop-down arrow which appears the top of the menu has the function of allowing you switch accounts.

According to Twitter, this fresh design is being served out without any exemptions so that everyone gets it on Android. So after an app update, the new design would be available.


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