You will soon be able to receive your Android phone notifications on your Windows 10 PC

On the plans of Microsoft are arrangements already put in work to bring notifications from your android phone straight to your Windows 10 PCs. In course of a session today at the event of the Build 26, Microsoft reveals in details how messages, missed calls as well as other notifications will appear straight on your Windows 10 PC from your Android phone. This would be possible through the Cortana app which Mircosoft designed for Android. Extensively, users of Windows 10 will have the capacity to straight from their PC reply android notifications.

You will soon be able to receive your Android phone notifications on your Windows 10 PC

The way it works is Cortana for Android will perform the operation of building up a user notifications via storage in the cloud. This way it will now allow the notifications to reflect onto a Windows 10 PC. Microsoft is making similar are arrangements to also provide the functionality to dismiss your notifications on an Android phone directly from your PC.

Although basically, this function would still be carried out on Windows 10 Mobile devices too but then Microsoft has reservations towards introducing it on iPhone. A reason to this is that the iPhone upholds a bigger batch of restrictions as such Cortana from Microsoft would lack the free accessibility which is vital to interacting and making response to message and notifications.

Microsoft also has plans to extend this notification support to a “future version of Windows.” Considering this, there is thus a high chance that the update to the windows 10 to arrive this summer would equally present this feature.

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