You can now get Google’s battery app in the Play Store as ‘Device Health Services’

We have noticed a forming habit on the part of Google in transporting its app and services from its central OS to the Play Store. Google has moved a number of apps and well as some of its services in this manner. Google keyboard (otherwise known as Gboard), Dialer, Google Assistant have been moved like this.

Now, the next in line to have left to the Play Store is battery app for the Pixel and Nexus. The battery app now termed ‘Device Health Services’ is now displaying in the Play store. If you are using a Pixel or Nexus you would see the update. The app now renamed as Device Health Services plays predictive functions of estimating how the duration your phone would last on the basis of your last usage.

This is not some very exciting update though, but the good side is that this app would update on its own, autonomous of the normal OS. This way it helps you more particularly. And who knows, things like widgets and battery icons (customizable) may soon show up,

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