Apple has a secret version of iTunes with the App Store inside

Back in September, Apple has cleansed App Store from the iTunes for Mac, as well as the iTunes for PC. The sad thing about this was that Apple didn’t inform the public before proceeding to carve the App Store out from the iTunes of those devices. This was even sadder considering that iTunes 12.7 wasn’t really as bloated as its predecessors.

Those who are obsessed with the bloated versions of iTunes now have a consolation, however. Apple without much fanfare made available a distinct version of iTunes available for download. This is the iTunes 12.6.3 retains most of the beloved previous functionalities like iBooks, ringtones and most affectionally the App Store. You can download and install it readily on your Mac or your PC.

One good thing about this special version is that if you happen to install this one, you will not get the prompt to update to iTunes 12.7 or more recent versions. This iTunes 12.6.3 is also lovingly compatible with iOS 11, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and the iPhone 8 as well.



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