The aroma is oozing that Google would buy Twitter

Rumours are piling up our eardrums that Twitter could be up for sale. When Justnaira wears its lens, it sees magnified reason why this could be true. From what we have been observing so far, Twitter’s growth has been stalling of late, almost going horizontal rather than the supposed ascending curve. Even recently Twitter stocks have been tilting down.

The aroma is oozing that Google would buy Twitter

Therefore there is a spark of logic if Twitter is eventually lined up for sale as we are hearing now. And what is more baffling is that among the possible potential suitors for the deteriorating social network is Google and a host of other tech companies. The possibility of a “formal bid” from Google is betting fatter by the day.

It is no hidden secret that Google is targeting a more formidable presence in social media so it can become a well sophisticated rival to Facebook. Thus with this acquisition, Google no longer has to assemble the foodstuff, it simply has to set to cooking straight.

Our sources are informing us that the board of Twitter seriously yearn for a deal to be reached. Although we are not saying this will happen very soon point, but should it eventually come to fruition, Google might possibly submit the deal and make the formal acquisition of Twitter before the curtains drop on 2016! Happy Independence.

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